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Feb 23 2011

Sharing is Caring

My kids have many flaws. The most blaring of which I see throughout my A day. On A day, I teach every class period. In other words, I have kids in my room (assuming I don’t get any coming for tutoring before school) from when the first bell rings at 8:20a.m. until the end of tutoring after school at 4:50. In addition, on A day I have my most difficult classes (2nd and 3rd period) followed by a large chatty class that is primarily a challenge simply because it falls both at the end of the school day AND after my most challenging classes (when I am tired and a bit off my game due to presenting the same lesson for the 4th time that day and 7th time total). My students (mostly on A day, but in general) don’t treat each other very well. I think it is pretty…

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Jan 02 2011

Education is Everything.

I’m back in Dallas after what was the most ideal break I can possibly imagine. After a week of sleeping and eating and spending time with some of my family, I began to really be able to reflect on my life right now and my role as a teacher. In addition to my personal reflecting,…

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Dec 22 2010

Happy Holidays!!

I made it to Thanksgiving. I made it back from Thanksgiving. Then, I made it to Winter Break. And, I will make it back…but I’m not in a hurry. I have been on break for 4 days now. The time is flying by. I’m spending it with my family in Costa Rica and just being…

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Nov 22 2010

I am thankful for…

…so many things. This has been a big year full of new people and experiences. I’m so thankful to be where I am (in Dallas and at my school) and what I am doing, teaching Spanish and hopefully making a positive impact on my kids.

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Nov 11 2010

Is it Thanksgiving yet?

For all of my optimism and my passion for what I am doing, I’m at a very low place right now. I hate the way that I feel right now. I am not living up to my role as the leader of my classroom and the role model for my students. I suspected from the…

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Oct 18 2010

So many things…not enough time…

The fact that I haven’t updated this blog in over a month and could say so many things but I have to choose only a few to highlight, is a great metaphor for life as a teacher. This weekend we had an All Corps Conference, where the whole corps gets together and we talk about…

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Aug 30 2010

First Week of School

Sleep did not come easy before the first day of school. I tossed and turned in my bed until after 2am. Although I spent all day Sunday excited, I woke up Monday morning extremely nervous. As I walked in to school, I hoped the day would pass quickly. It did. The day was done before…

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Aug 21 2010

School starts on MONDAY!

It seems unreal that the first day of school is on Monday and I am going to be the teacher. The CEO of my classroom, if you will. Since Institute: 1) I moved into my apartment with another TFA Spanish teacher. 2) Attended numerous hours of training, some quality (the ones that TFA organizes) and…

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Aug 21 2010

The Beginning: Acceptance and Institute!

I found out that I was accepted to Teach For America on March 8 at about 11:35a.m. I had been checking my email on my phone every 5 minutes all morning. My 11a.m. Finance class was released early and I decided to check my email one more time before packing up to leave, and there…

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